Infographic: 25 Strategies from Social Media Marketing World 2015

I attended Social Media Mar­ket­ing World 2015, and I took good notes. I turned those notes into a blog post “25 Strate­gies I learned at Social Media Mar­ket­ing World 2015.” On the other side of the world, Sourav Ghosh turned that blog post into an info­graphic. I think that’s kind of cool and fun. And here it is:

Content Curator: Kristy Schnabel Infographic Creator: Sourav Ghosh

Con­tent Cura­tor: Kristy Schn­abel Info­graphic Cre­ator: Sourav Ghosh

Your Facebook Ad Flopped — Now What?

Underperforming Facebook ad: now what?

Your Face­book ad flopped. Now what do you do? How do you tweak your ad to get bet­ter results? Here are 7 parts of your ad you can revisit. 

Your Face­book ad didn’t per­form well, and you’re ask­ing why, why, why? It’s a pro­fes­sion­ally cre­ated image, the ad was well-targeted, but Face­book only gave it a rel­e­vance score of 4 out of 10.

In case you’re new to rel­e­vance scores, Face­book added this fea­ture recently, giv­ing us a score from 1–10. Your ad needs to reach an audi­ence of 500 peo­ple before you get a score, and keep in mind that if you are split test­ing dif­fer­ent col­ored images, for exam­ple — each test is con­sid­ered a dif­fer­ent ad with a unique score. I like the new scor­ing sys­tem, because it’s a grade given directly from Facebook.

But let’s get back to your lack­lus­ter ad and break it down. Part of why ads are chal­leng­ing is because there are so many vari­ables: [Read more…]

25 Strategies I learned at Social Media Marketing World 2015

25 Strategies from #SMMW15

Social Media Exam­iner is the largest online social media mag­a­zine. At their event — Social Media Mar­ket­ing World (#SMMW15) — they promised that we would “rub shoul­ders with the biggest names and brands in social media, soak up count­less tips and new strate­gies and enjoy exten­sive net­work­ing oppor­tu­ni­ties in San Diego, California.”

Founder and CEO Michael Stelzner deliv­ered and then some! With his able team of hun­dreds and the spec­tac­u­lar venue the Grand Hyatt, Team #SMMW15 gave us an unfor­get­table, stel­lar event shar­ing amaz­ing con­tent that we can all imme­di­ately imple­ment. Oh, and there was a ton of fun too.

But… let’s dive into what I learned and can’t wait to share so that you can be on the lead­ing edge of what’s hap­pen­ing with social media marketing.

The Top 25 of What I Learned (not in any order): [Read more…]

Facebook Ads: Trick to Not Go Over The 20% Text Rule


Ready for your first Face­book ad? Yay you! You’re excited, and you have it all planned out:

  1. Text: You’ve writ­ten an invit­ing, clever “lead-in” for your Face­book post to draw your read­ers in.
  2. Link: You have your URL link to your blog post ready that peo­ple will be eager to click.
  3. Image: You’ve selected an eye-catching image that makes it clear what your post is about.

Then it hap­pens… the dreaded email with the sub­ject line: ” Face­book Ads alert: Your ad wasn’t approved (Account ID: 0000000)”

You’re deflated. What’d I do? [Read more…]

Grow Your Business By Building A Team

Building Your Team To Grow Your Business

Remem­ber those first few excit­ing months (or years) when you started your busi­ness? You had more time than money and you wanted to learn and do every­thing your­self. You were moti­vated and on a roll.

We’re talk­ing build­ing your web­site, writ­ing your web­site copy, set­ting up your social media chan­nels and post­ing to them — you name it. This is a fun, excit­ing time, and you’re learn­ing a lot.

Per­haps this works for a while. You get some great clients and the refer­rals are com­ing in, but then you have a real­iza­tion: you can’t do it all. 

  • There’s too much to learn.
  • Tech­nolo­gies are con­tin­u­ally changing.
  • You don’t have enough time to work on your core business.

You may have also hit a wall, in that you can’t take on any more paid clients because you’ve reached your capacity.

Time to rethink and con­sider build­ing a team.  It can be a lit­tle scary, but I haven’t wit­nessed any­one tak­ing their busi­ness to the next level with­out it. You’ll need dif­fer­ent team mem­bers based on your skill set, but here’s what I’ve grown to value immensely. [Read more…]

Are You Telling Your Story on Your Facebook Page?

What's your Facebook page's story?

Are You Telling Your Story On Your Face­book Page?

Have you met peo­ple that don’t know what to say on their Face­book busi­ness page? I have. And they’re smart peo­ple, too, but they don’t “get” the whole social media thing.

They’re dri­ven peo­ple with more ideas than time, and they don’t want to waste a sec­ond with friv­o­lity. I get them because I’m one of them too.

And here’s the other crazy part… you have dif­fer­ent experts who are each crush­ing it on Face­book, and yet giv­ing you con­flict­ing advice. Exam­ple: one expert I see posts nearly 20 times a day with inspir­ing images that get wildly shared organ­i­cally, whereas another expert advises to only post 5 times a week. What’s a solo entre­pre­neur to do?

Pick a lane.

It’s your busi­ness and your Face­book page, so you can do what you want. Decide who you want to be, what kind of infor­ma­tion you want to pro­vide, be con­sis­tent, and let it roll. [Read more…]

Yes, Page Likes Still Matter On Facebook

Yes, Facebook page likes matterRemem­ber when you first cre­ated your Face­book page for your busi­ness? It was all about get­ting the page likes in the begin­ning, right? (I remem­ber being embar­rassed how few likes I had in the beginning.)

You did every­thing you could to get those ini­tial page likes: invit­ing your per­sonal friends, upload­ing your email list (I’ve got to make a video of how you can do this — it’s on my to-do list!), and cross-promoting your page on other social platforms.

Truly, though: what do “likes” mat­ter if you don’t have con­tent with engage­ment? Noth­ing! So then, the empha­sis shifted to cre­at­ing con­tent – valu­able con­tent that’s sharable, inspi­ra­tional, and even enter­tain­ing. Peo­ple were say­ing that page likes don’t mat­ter anymore…

But wait… “likes” do mat­ter and here’s why — you need page likes to: [Read more…]

Need a Hand? Try a Google Helpout

Google Helpouts to get the hand you need
Update: Unfor­tu­nately, Google has announced that Helpouts will be shut­ting down on April 20, 2015. More about that on the Helpouts page here

If there is any­thing we can all agree on, it’s that there’s a lot for  small busi­nesses  to learn in today’s fast-paced, tech­no­log­i­cally dri­ven online world.

Need a help out? Or shall I say, “Help-out?” Make that a Google Helpout!

Hang­out? Close… but really a Helpout. Let me explain.

Google launched Google Helpouts in the fall of 2013. They’re video chats with experts on a vari­ety of top­ics using the Google Hang­out plat­form. (Google’s ver­sion of Skype.) What a cool con­cept! [Read more…]

Get Your Facebook Page Foundation Nailed Before Advertising

Facebook Page Essential Foundation Elements

Think­ing about Face­book adver­tis­ing for your small busi­ness? It’s a smart way to jump into a larger pond with what you have to offer. Are you ready to dive in?

Hold the phone… let’s make sure you have the best pos­si­ble chance for suc­cess. Here are 10 essen­tials to con­sider before invest­ing in ads. 

One: Know Your Face­book Goals

Why do you want your busi­ness on Face­book? There are many pos­si­ble goals: inform, engage, show­case your exper­tise, enter­tain, offer deals, build your brand, and so much more. Your con­tent on Face­book will be dri­ven by what you are try­ing to achieve, so you’ll want to have your goal(s) fig­ured out first. [Read more…]

10 Convincing Reasons to Be on Facebook with Your Business

Facebook for business, yes!In my work cir­cle, every­one knows that it’s a great idea to lever­age the power of Face­book for his or her small busi­ness. Yet, when I do live pre­sen­ta­tions locally with peo­ple out­side of my cir­cle, I’m aston­ished to meet peo­ple who aren’t sold on the value of social media at all, let alone Facebook.

Not only do I want to con­vince peo­ple about using Face­book for their small busi­ness, I want to make a case for using Face­book adver­tis­ing. But one step at a time — let’s start with the rea­sons to be on Face­book. [Read more…]