Get Your Facebook Page Foundation Nailed Before Advertising

Facebook Page Essential Foundation Elements

Think­ing about Face­book adver­tis­ing for your small busi­ness? It’s a smart way to jump into a larger pond with what you have to offer. Are you ready to dive in?

Hold the phone… let’s make sure you have the best pos­si­ble chance for suc­cess. Here are 10 essen­tials to con­sider before invest­ing in ads. 

One: Know Your Face­book Goals

Why do you want your busi­ness on Face­book? There are many pos­si­ble goals: inform, engage, show­case your exper­tise, enter­tain, offer deals, build your brand, and so much more. Your con­tent on Face­book will be dri­ven by what you are try­ing to achieve, so you’ll want to have your goal(s) fig­ured out first. Con­tinue read­ing

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10 Convincing Reasons to Be on Facebook with Your Business

Facebook for business, yes!In my work cir­cle, every­one knows that it’s a great idea to lever­age the power of Face­book for his or her small busi­ness. Yet, when I do live pre­sen­ta­tions locally with peo­ple out­side of my cir­cle, I’m aston­ished to meet peo­ple who aren’t sold on the value of social media at all, let alone Facebook.

Not only do I want to con­vince peo­ple about using Face­book for their small busi­ness, I want to make a case for using Face­book adver­tis­ing. But one step at a time — let’s start with the rea­sons to be on Face­book. Con­tinue read­ing

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How to Ensure Your Blog Post Images on Facebook are Large not Thumbnails

How to make your blog post images be big not small on your Facebook pageAs a savvy mar­keter, you’re post­ing reg­u­larly to your blog. Then you want to drive every­one to your web­site using social media as your tool.

You’ve selected your blog image care­fully not only to grab the atten­tion of your ideal audi­ence, but  also to con­vey what prob­lem your blog post solves. You don’t want your image to be a thumb­nail like this: 

Blog post image rendering as a thumbnnail Con­tinue read­ing

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Goal Setting and the Power of Words and Intentions

The Power of WordsCheck out these two sentences:

I need to lose weight.”

I want to lose weight.”

Which one do you think is going to come true? For me, the one that says “want” has a lot more power. In the “want” ver­sion, the per­son is own­ing the deci­sion. The moti­va­tion is com­ing from within. I can feel the desire to succeed.

In the first sen­tence, the “need” is com­ing from out­side the per­son. It’s a “I have to do this thing, and I don’t really want to.” Like the BMI chart told me or the test results or the doc­tor. There’s a huge amount of resis­tance built into the word “need.”

Words have power.  Con­tinue read­ing

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How to Invite Your LinkedIn Connections to Your Aweber Email Newsletter List

Asking your LinkedIn connections to join your Aweber newsletter listThe Idea

My client got this idea to import her LinkedIn con­nec­tions to her Awe­ber account.

I told her that I wanted to make sure that it was com­pli­ant with the Can-Spam Act, so I gave Awe­ber a call.

Get­ting The Okay

The Awe­ber staff per­son said that it was fine for us to import those con­tacts remind­ing us that they would be invited to opt-in, which was fine with us.  We fur­ther talked about cus­tomiz­ing that opt-in mes­sage called the “con­fir­ma­tion mes­sage” to make it as entic­ing as pos­si­ble so that they would agree.

Con­tinue read­ing

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Veteran’s Day 2014 — Thanks for Your Service Colonel Norman Schmidt

Note: This is a very per­sonal post. It has noth­ing to do with my busi­ness and every­thing to do with feel­ing immense grat­i­tude for our vet­er­ans and two in par­tic­u­lar on this Veteran’s Day. I’ve pro­cras­ti­nated doing this, but as you’ll see, a com­bi­na­tion of the approach of Veteran’s Day and a rather star­tling coin­ci­dence made fin­ish­ing this a reality.

Colonel Norman Schmidt's POW Bracelet on the Viet Nam Memorial Wall 40+ years later

Colonel Nor­man Schmidt’s POW Bracelet on the Viet Nam Memo­r­ial Wall 40+ years later

In 1970, I wasn’t much touched by the Viet Nam war. As a pre-teen kid, my par­ents shel­tered me from most of what was going on, but there was awareness.

At the age of 11 (my best guess), POW & MIA bracelets became a fad. My mother and I each ordered one and wore it for many months, even a year perhaps.

When you see the name of a ser­vice­man on your wrist every day for a long time, you remem­ber it. Col. Nor­man Schmidt. Who was he? What became of him? Con­tinue read­ing

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How to use Hootsuite’s Bulk Scheduler to Upload Tweets


Upload tweets to Hootsuite via spreadsheetSched­ul­ing tweets one at a time with Hoot­suite can be really time-consuming if you have a lot of them like my clients do. If you have a pro account with Hoot­suite (just $9.99 per month, and there’s a free trial for 30 days), you can upload as many as 200 tweets at a time from a spread­sheet. What a timesaver!

I show you the entire process in this video (4:08 min­utes): Con­tinue read­ing

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3 Steps to Creating a Quote Image with

3 Steps to Creating a Quote Image with QuotesCover.comAny­time you can make some­thing visual in social media, you are going to attract atten­tion. Espe­cially if the image is unique, beau­ti­ful, or funny.

When it comes to your blog, by the way, I think that images are manda­tory. I share hun­dreds of blog posts each week for my clients, and if the blog post doesn’t have a very good-looking image, I move on to the next post. See how impor­tant images are?

Images with quotes on them are par­tic­u­larly pop­u­lar. They are very easy to “like,” and once you have one like you get another and so on.

How can you cre­ate quote images fast and free? Well, I’m going to show you. Check out this 5-minute video (sorry, it’s so long — I broke one of my rules about cre­at­ing super short videos), or if you pre­fer, just read on. Con­tinue read­ing

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Why I Love Instagram

Why I love Instagram

Photo by Kristy Schn­abel @ Hughes Water Gardens

You may think that this is going to be one of those blog posts about how you can use Insta­gram to mar­ket your business.


That’s not why I love Insta­gram. I love it because I’m show­ing peo­ple my world and they are show­ing me theirs.

I don’t want to buy stuff on Insta­gram or invest in pro­grams. I want to explore. When I receive a like from a stranger some­where else on the planet, some place I’ll never go, some­one I’ll never meet, it’s a cos­mic feel­ing. Con­tinue read­ing

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What do you need to learn to become a social media manager?

Ever thought of becom­ing a social media man­ager or consultant?

What's involved with being a social media manager?Here are some fac­tors to consider:

  • How do you make sure you know the basics of each social media network?
  • How would you mar­ket your­self and get clients?
  • What tools (huge) and report­ing sys­tems are best to use?

There are a lot of dif­fer­ent aspects to being a social media man­ager or con­sul­tant. These are just some of the top con­sid­er­a­tions. You don’t want to wing this one folks. Con­tinue read­ing

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