Facebook Ads: Trick to Not Go Over The 20% Text Rule


Ready for your first Face­book ad? Yay you! You’re excited, and you have it all planned out:

  1. Text: You’ve writ­ten an invit­ing, clever “lead-in” for your Face­book post to draw your read­ers in.
  2. Link: You have your URL link to your blog post ready that peo­ple will be eager to click.
  3. Image: You’ve selected an eye-catching image that makes it clear what your post is about.

Then it hap­pens… the dreaded email with the sub­ject line: ” Face­book Ads alert: Your ad wasn’t approved (Account ID: 0000000)”

You’re deflated. What’d I do? Con­tinue read­ing

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Grow Your Business By Building A Team

Building Your Team To Grow Your Business

Remem­ber those first few excit­ing months (or years) when you started your busi­ness? You had more time than money and you wanted to learn and do every­thing your­self. You were moti­vated and on a roll.

We’re talk­ing build­ing your web­site, writ­ing your web­site copy, set­ting up your social media chan­nels and post­ing to them — you name it. This is a fun, excit­ing time, and you’re learn­ing a lot.

Per­haps this works for a while. You get some great clients and the refer­rals are com­ing in, but then you have a real­iza­tion: you can’t do it all. 

  • There’s too much to learn.
  • Tech­nolo­gies are con­tin­u­ally changing.
  • You don’t have enough time to work on your core business.

You may have also hit a wall, in that you can’t take on any more paid clients because you’ve reached your capacity.

Time to rethink and con­sider build­ing a team.  It can be a lit­tle scary, but I haven’t wit­nessed any­one tak­ing their busi­ness to the next level with­out it. You’ll need dif­fer­ent team mem­bers based on your skill set, but here’s what I’ve grown to value immensely. Con­tinue read­ing

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Are You Telling Your Story on Your Facebook Page?

What's your Facebook page's story?

Are You Telling Your Story On Your Face­book Page?

Have you met peo­ple that don’t know what to say on their Face­book busi­ness page? I have. And they’re smart peo­ple, too, but they don’t “get” the whole social media thing.

They’re dri­ven peo­ple with more ideas than time, and they don’t want to waste a sec­ond with friv­o­lity. I get them because I’m one of them too.

And here’s the other crazy part… you have dif­fer­ent experts who are each crush­ing it on Face­book, and yet giv­ing you con­flict­ing advice. Exam­ple: one expert I see posts nearly 20 times a day with inspir­ing images that get wildly shared organ­i­cally, whereas another expert advises to only post 5 times a week. What’s a solo entre­pre­neur to do?

Pick a lane.

It’s your busi­ness and your Face­book page, so you can do what you want. Decide who you want to be, what kind of infor­ma­tion you want to pro­vide, be con­sis­tent, and let it roll. Con­tinue read­ing

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Yes, Page Likes Still Matter On Facebook

Yes, Facebook page likes matterRemem­ber when you first cre­ated your Face­book page for your busi­ness? It was all about get­ting the page likes in the begin­ning, right? (I remem­ber being embar­rassed how few likes I had in the beginning.)

You did every­thing you could to get those ini­tial page likes: invit­ing your per­sonal friends, upload­ing your email list (I’ve got to make a video of how you can do this — it’s on my to-do list!), and cross-promoting your page on other social platforms.

Truly, though: what do “likes” mat­ter if you don’t have con­tent with engage­ment? Noth­ing! So then, the empha­sis shifted to cre­at­ing con­tent – valu­able con­tent that’s sharable, inspi­ra­tional, and even enter­tain­ing. Peo­ple were say­ing that page likes don’t mat­ter anymore…

But wait… “likes” do mat­ter and here’s why — you need page likes to: Con­tinue read­ing

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Need a Hand? Try a Google Helpout

Google Helpouts to get the hand you need
Update: Unfor­tu­nately, Google has announced that Helpouts will be shut­ting down on April 20, 2015. More about that on the Helpouts page here

If there is any­thing we can all agree on, it’s that there’s a lot for  small busi­nesses  to learn in today’s fast-paced, tech­no­log­i­cally dri­ven online world.

Need a help out? Or shall I say, “Help-out?” Make that a Google Helpout!

Hang­out? Close… but really a Helpout. Let me explain.

Google launched Google Helpouts in the fall of 2013. They’re video chats with experts on a vari­ety of top­ics using the Google Hang­out plat­form. (Google’s ver­sion of Skype.) What a cool con­cept! Con­tinue read­ing

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Get Your Facebook Page Foundation Nailed Before Advertising

Facebook Page Essential Foundation Elements

Think­ing about Face­book adver­tis­ing for your small busi­ness? It’s a smart way to jump into a larger pond with what you have to offer. Are you ready to dive in?

Hold the phone… let’s make sure you have the best pos­si­ble chance for suc­cess. Here are 10 essen­tials to con­sider before invest­ing in ads. 

One: Know Your Face­book Goals

Why do you want your busi­ness on Face­book? There are many pos­si­ble goals: inform, engage, show­case your exper­tise, enter­tain, offer deals, build your brand, and so much more. Your con­tent on Face­book will be dri­ven by what you are try­ing to achieve, so you’ll want to have your goal(s) fig­ured out first. Con­tinue read­ing

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10 Convincing Reasons to Be on Facebook with Your Business

Facebook for business, yes!In my work cir­cle, every­one knows that it’s a great idea to lever­age the power of Face­book for his or her small busi­ness. Yet, when I do live pre­sen­ta­tions locally with peo­ple out­side of my cir­cle, I’m aston­ished to meet peo­ple who aren’t sold on the value of social media at all, let alone Facebook.

Not only do I want to con­vince peo­ple about using Face­book for their small busi­ness, I want to make a case for using Face­book adver­tis­ing. But one step at a time — let’s start with the rea­sons to be on Face­book. Con­tinue read­ing

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How to Ensure Your Blog Post Images on Facebook are Large not Thumbnails

How to make your blog post images be big not small on your Facebook pageAs a savvy mar­keter, you’re post­ing reg­u­larly to your blog. Then you want to drive every­one to your web­site using social media as your tool.

You’ve selected your blog image care­fully not only to grab the atten­tion of your ideal audi­ence, but  also to con­vey what prob­lem your blog post solves. You don’t want your image to be a thumb­nail like this: 

Blog post image rendering as a thumbnnail Con­tinue read­ing

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Goal Setting and the Power of Words and Intentions

The Power of WordsCheck out these two sentences:

I need to lose weight.”

I want to lose weight.”

Which one do you think is going to come true? For me, the one that says “want” has a lot more power. In the “want” ver­sion, the per­son is own­ing the deci­sion. The moti­va­tion is com­ing from within. I can feel the desire to succeed.

In the first sen­tence, the “need” is com­ing from out­side the per­son. It’s a “I have to do this thing, and I don’t really want to.” Like the BMI chart told me or the test results or the doc­tor. There’s a huge amount of resis­tance built into the word “need.”

Words have power.  Con­tinue read­ing

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How to Invite Your LinkedIn Connections to Your Aweber Email Newsletter List

Asking your LinkedIn connections to join your Aweber newsletter listThe Idea

My client got this idea to import her LinkedIn con­nec­tions to her Awe­ber account.

I told her that I wanted to make sure that it was com­pli­ant with the Can-Spam Act, so I gave Awe­ber a call.

Get­ting The Okay

The Awe­ber staff per­son said that it was fine for us to import those con­tacts remind­ing us that they would be invited to opt-in, which was fine with us.  We fur­ther talked about cus­tomiz­ing that opt-in mes­sage called the “con­fir­ma­tion mes­sage” to make it as entic­ing as pos­si­ble so that they would agree.

Con­tinue read­ing

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