5 Reasons it’s Time to Jump into Facebook Advertising

Time to jump into Facebook advertising

Have you jumped into Face­book adver­tis­ing yet? If not, are you think­ing about it? Here are 5 com­pelling rea­sons for you to jump in.

Rea­son 1: Face­book is where the peo­ple are

Let’s get the facts directly from Face­book, shall we? Accord­ing to Face­book [1], there are 968 mil­lion daily active users on Face­book as of June 2015.  Gee, we are get­ting close to the word that starts with a “B.” Face­book may not be for every­one and every type of busi­ness, but if your ideal audi­ence is on this top social media plat­form [2], you want peo­ple to see you there. [Read more…]

Why I Made the Change from MailChimp to Aweber for My Email Marketing

MailChimp vs. Aweber

In this arti­cle, I explain why I’m leav­ing MailChimp for Awe­ber, why I chose Awe­ber, and the steps I took to com­plete the easy migra­tion. If you’re try­ing to decide between MailChimp and Awe­ber, or you’re using one and won­der­ing about the other, here’s why I changed to Aweber:

  1. Cus­tomer ser­vice, cus­tomer ser­vice, cus­tomer service.
  2. With Awe­ber, you can email more than one list at once — not so with MailChimp.

[Read more…]

Case Study: Facebook Engagement Ads That Worked

Build & engage with Facebook boost posts ads

You want to run engage­ment ads (Face­book calls them “boost your posts”) as part of your over­all Face­book Ads strat­egy. Why? After build­ing your audi­ence with “like” ads, you want to con­nect with fans to enhance your brand, show­case your exper­tise, and begin a rela­tion­ship. (The grow­ing your list stuff comes later…)

But maybe you’re won­der­ing… did my engage­ment ad work? How do I know? Let’s exam­ine an engage­ment ad that I ran recently for a client, and see how we did. [Read more…]

My Dog Taught Me To Ask For The Sale


My dog reminds me every day how to be a good entre­pre­neur. She asks for the sale. Or in her case, she asks for a cookie. Let me explain.

We have a big prop­erty, and she loves to go out­side. But if you know dogs, they aren’t so keen on com­ing back in. So, I needed to make it super-duper attrac­tive for her to WANT to come back in the house. Aubrey knows that if I use the word “come” that there’s a cookie in it for her. It works really well because no mat­ter what she’s into, a cookie is better.

But our cute lit­tle 14-pound mixed breed pup takes it a step fur­ther. She’s learned that if she wants her din­ner, she needs to sit by her bowl. And even when it’s the mid­dle of the day, not even close to din­ner time, she sits by her bowl. What is she doing? She’s ask­ing for another cookie! And why not? She knows that about half the time I’ll give her one. She’s ask­ing for the sale! [Read more…]

My Number One Tip For Online Marketing Success

My #1 online marketing tip for success: consistency

My num­ber one tip for online mar­ket­ing suc­cess… is CONSISTENCY.

You knew that, right? It’s so sim­ple. And yet… it’s really hard, isn’t it? Espe­cially in the face of lots of com­pe­ti­tion and lack­lus­ter results.

Stick­ing with it really does work.

I have a favorite mar­ket­ing quote, and I knew it the sec­ond that I laid eyes on it that it was bril­liant. I was read­ing C.J. Hayden’s “Get Clients Now” (a time­less book, by the way), and on page 107 of my 2007 edi­tion, it reads: [Read more…]

7 Quick Ideas of What to Share on Your Facebook Page

7 Facebook page content ideas

What should I share on my Face­book page?” As a cer­ti­fied social media man­ager, I’ve heard this one before.

Well, how about 7 quick ideas for your Face­book posts (not in any order)…

Num­ber One Con­tent Share Idea: Infor­ma­tional Shares.

You fol­low thought lead­ers in your indus­try to stay on top of things, right? Well, con­sider shar­ing those on your Face­book page. Tip: make sure that the image from the orig­i­nal blog post is ren­der­ing well by sched­ul­ing the post in Face­book first, and then take a peek at how it will look. [Read more…]

3 Quick Ways to Get Organic Facebook Reach On Your Page Up, Up, Up

3 ways to get organic Facebook reach up

How’s your organic Face­book reach going for you? By that, I mean how many peo­ple are see­ing your sta­tus updates as revealed by the mes­sage under them say­ing “X num­ber peo­ple reached.” You know, the one that’s right next to the “Boost Post” but­ton? [But don’t click that but­ton! I’m not a fan of boosted posts from your wall since the tar­get­ing is not spe­cific. Try using the Ads Man­ager instead.]

I do rec­om­mend Face­book adver­tis­ing as an over­all strat­egy, but I’m also all about sav­ing money and try­ing to get as much reach as I can with­out pay­ing. So how do you do that?

3 Quick Ways to Get Some More Organic Face­book Reach

1: Check Your Insights to Learn What’s Worked in the Past

To get to your Insights, click the “Insights” tab and scroll on down to posts. Face­book will only show you the 5 most recent posts, but click the “See All Posts” but­ton and inves­ti­gate fur­ther.  Keep click­ing “see more” until you see a real suc­cess­ful post with some great organic (not paid) reach. Find 3–5 posts that had the most reach, and ask, “Why did that work so well?”

For me, 3 types of posts work best:

  • How-to social media blog posts that help peo­ple do their job more easily
  • Per­sonal sta­tus updates when I share some­thing about what’s going on with me, usu­ally of a pos­i­tive nature
  • Updates that ask ques­tions either to get advice from my fol­low­ers or just to get their opin­ion on something

Home­work: What do your Insights reveal? Do more of that! [Read more…]

Facebook Ad Guidelines You Need To Know

You really need to Facebook Ads Guidelines

Recently, I heard a story about a suc­cess­ful busi­ness­woman who got banned from adver­tis­ing on Face­book. Like many of us, Face­book is a place where she presents her exper­tise, engages with her audi­ence, and occa­sion­ally pro­motes her ser­vices to earn her liv­ing. I can’t stop think­ing about it, because what hap­pened to her could hap­pen to any of us.

This gives me pause. How about you? Here are some thoughts:

  1. Check your website’s Google Ana­lyt­ics. Which social media chan­nel is bring­ing you the most traf­fic to your web­site? This year, so far, Face­book has brought over 70% of my social traf­fic (see image on the right).

    Facebook brings web viewers

    My Google Ana­lyt­ics results for this year so far. See how large the audi­ence is from Face­book to my website.

  2. Organic reach on pages is down, thus mak­ing ads more impor­tant than ever. See what Top­Dog Social Media has to say about that here.
  1. Face­book can ban you from post­ing ads if you don’t fol­low their guide­lines, and not even tell you why.
  1. There is lit­tle, if any, recourse if you get banned. If you do get banned, you might get some help on this page from Jerry Ban­field, but not in all cases.

Just the thought of read­ing adver­tis­ing guide­lines is enough to put any­one to sleep, but Face­book does a good job of mak­ing theirs easy to under­stand. You’ll find their full guide­lines here.

I’ve been run­ning ads for about 2 years, for my own busi­ness and for my clients. It’s rare that an ad gets dis­al­lowed, espe­cially now that I have the “no more than 20% text” rule down. You can see my blog post about this here.

Face­book ads expert, Jon Loomer, wrote an excel­lent post out­lin­ing 68 rules to fol­low cov­er­ing all industries.

But let’s sim­plify things a bit and just cover the ones that I, my clients, and my col­leagues need the most: [Read more…]

What do you have to do to get an email address these days?

Getting emails in exchange for free offers

You’ve just about fin­ished cre­at­ing your valu­able, “everyone’s gotta have it” prod­uct or ser­vice pack­age, and now you’re think­ing: “I gotta build my list so I can sell this thing.” You know enough about online mar­ket­ing to know that sell­ing to a “warm” audi­ence — rather than to strangers — is the way to go.

You decide to cre­ate a fab­u­lous free offer, be it a cheat sheet or guide or webi­nar. Great idea!

First, you offer your free what­ever to your exist­ing Face­book fans. You get a few sign-ups, but you notice that Face­book isn’t show­ing your free offer post to very many of your fans. Bummer.

You remem­ber that not only has reach gone down, but when Face­book detects that your post is pro­mo­tional in nature, and that it directs peo­ple to your own site, the reach plum­mets. Sigh.

Okay,” you say. “I’ll break down and run an ad, Face­book.” Ini­tially, you may get a lot of sign-ups — ter­rific. And then… at some point, the sign-ups aren’t com­ing in much any more. Sigh, again.

Now what? [Read more…]