I recommend: AssistU Virtual Assistance Training

For the last five years, my VA prac­tice has been full. I’m so for­tu­nate! When poten­tial clients call, I refer them to AssistU where I was trained.

I can rec­om­mend any AssistU Grad­u­ate. They are well trained and part of a com­mu­nity that stays on top of tech­nol­ogy and train­ing. Access the AssistU web­site, read it thor­oughly, and then sub­mit an inquiry to the Reg­istry Sys­tem. Be clear about what types of skills and soft­ware expe­ri­ence you require ver­sus what would be nice to have. The more infor­ma­tion about you and your com­pany that you pro­vide, the eas­ier it is for the vir­tual assis­tants read­ing your sub­mis­sion to iden­tify you as an ideal can­di­date for them.

As long as you read the AssistU site com­pletely and under­stand how the process works and inter­view a hand­ful of appli­cants, then you won’t be dis­ap­pointed with the cal­iber of vir­tual assis­tant avail­able to you. To your success!