A Coach Story

A but­ter­fly flut­tered in Carol’s stom­ach as she took in her sur­round­ings: a large con­ven­tion hall with peo­ple strolling in…to see her speak. As she browsed to her Pow­er­Point pre­sen­ta­tion on her lap­top, Carol noticed her beau­ti­ful man­i­cure for a fleet­ing moment as she recalled that just two years ago, she couldn’t afford to get her nails done.

Leav­ing cor­po­rate Amer­ica hadn’t been easy, but Carol felt so sti­fled. She knew that becom­ing a cer­ti­fied exec­u­tive coach was going to make her heart sing, but her busi­ness wasn’t where she wanted it to be. Carol’s own coach advised her to get a vir­tual assis­tant (VA) so that Carol could meet her goals of cre­at­ing an ezine, writ­ing an ebook and sell­ing it on her web­site. Ulti­mately she wanted to write a book.

Ini­tially Carol tried to do it all: man­age her clients, her home life, and write ezines, edit her web­site, and brain­storm about ebooks. Ulti­mately every­thing suf­fered and there was no time for self care. She hated see­ing her ath­letic club fee on her Visa state­ment con­sid­er­ing that she hadn’t been there in months. She kept pay­ing, though, because she didn’t want to admit defeat by can­cel­ing her membership.

Then there was that gloomy day in Novem­ber. She hadn’t slept well the night before and had, for the first time, com­pletely missed a client appoint­ment. Another client had sent an email ter­mi­nat­ing their rela­tion­ship. She knew it had been a bad day, but it reached new heights when her com­puter crashed. Carol slumped in her chair and dropped her head in her hands. “I have to get some help,” she told her coach the next day. “Can you refer me to a VA?”

Six months later, Carol’s third ezine was on its way to sub­scribers, her web­site was up-to-date replete with an ebook linked to an elec­tronic shop­ping cart. Her clients sched­ule time with her on a web-based cal­en­dar appoint­ment sys­tem that Carol synchs daily with her Smart Phone. Each night her com­puter backs itself up, so no more lost files.

Carol looked up from her lap­top to see that the room was nearly full now. She thought, “It’ll be time to start that book when I get back from this trip.” The clock struck 10 o’clock and she addressed her audi­ence, “Hello my name is Carol Jones. I’d like to tell you about my journey.”